Frailty and cognitive decline

Action Group
A3 - "Prevention and early diagnosis of frailty and functional decline, both physical and cognitive, in older people"
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General objective

Develop and implement sustainable multimodal interventions for the prevention and management of functional / cognitive decline and fragility.

Specific objectives
  • Management of functional decline and fragility through actions focused on body culture (fitness), nutritional status, cognitive function, chronic conditions and diseases, and the social and psychological well-being of the elderly person;
  • Increase the participation and independence of the elderly and their carers, involving them and motivating them to engage in activities aimed at achieving a healthy lifestyle;
  • Promote early detection of initial stages of pre-fragility in the elderly and in patients with a high-risk of fragility;
  • Creation of integrated treatment channels in fragility management. Develop an integrated and systematic approach to the implementation of strategies for preventing secondary or tertiary fragility and thereby reducing physical, functional and cognitive deterioration;
  • Contribute to research and development of methodologies focused on fragility and active and healthy aging, thus contributing to knowledge generation regarding the mechanisms of aging and the progression of fragility;
  • Contribute to the management and sustainability of social support and health care systems, reducing personnel expenses and the cost of managing support systems for the elderly;
  • Promote cooperation, including international interdisciplinary collaboration between university research groups and companies dedicated to aging in order to foster translational research.