Age-friendly services

Action Group
D4 - "Innovation for Age-friendly buildings, cities & environments"
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General objective
  • Help raise the active life expectancy of European Union citizens by two years, speeding up the promotion, adoption and implementation of support structures for the physical and social environments that contribute to active and healthy aging;
  • Encourage the participation of the elderly, the general public and private investors / partners, as well as intersectoral collaboration and exploration of elderly-friendly innovation to increase receptivity to new ICT solutions.
Specific objectives
  • Create synergies between the partners to develop parallel implementation of strategies leading to the creation of elderly-friendly environments. Initiatives within this objective will be developed in partnership with groups of seniors resulting in a set of best practices and assessed and shared models;
  • Assemble and implement a launch campaign for a European pact for demographic change, aimed at political and technical partnerships in order to unite regional and local authorities, private partners and other interested parties. The ultimate goal is to identify innovative new evidence-based solutions for fostering the creation of a European repository of support for active and healthy aging and the development of elderly-friendly environments;
  • Bring programs and regional research centers closer with the aim of developing research programs focused on the links between the spatial context, adequacy of costs and public health, and the involvement and well-being of the elderly. These programs should result in evidence and evidence-based best practices which will be developed and shared;
  • Form partnerships in order to develop collaborative activities that will enhance the effectiveness of innovative solutions, products, applications and ICT-based services aimed at promoting elderly-friendly environments. Innovative ICT solutions will contribute to the development of evidence-based directives, best practices and standardised solutions to be shared by the European network of collaborators