Falls prevention

Action Group
A2 - "Personalized health management, starting with a Falls Prevention Initiative"
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General objective

Produce evidence-based operational programs focused on the prevention, detection and minimisation of the impact of falls.

Specific objectives
  • Improve information and alert society in general (seniors and their families, social networks, health and social work professionals, caregivers, political forces, etc.) so that falls are not an inevitable consequence of aging and that actions to prevent falls and their consequences should be promoted (actions aimed primarily at the elderly, their families and social networks, health and social work professionals, caregivers, political forces, and others);
  • Improve support for the elderly population in order to promote an active life during aging (physical, mental and social) and to improve and maintain their health and self-management capabilities;
  • Promote a systematic approach to identifying individuals at high risk of falls and injury from falls who could benefit from personalised intervention;
  • Promote a systematic and coordinated approach to implement evidence-based strategies for prevention and optimisation in the approach to falls, and resultant fractures, in order to reduce the adverse impact on the individual’s physical, psychological and functional state;
  • Contribute to the management of health systems and social work to improve sustainability, reducing human resources costs, system costs and social costs associated with falls and the consequences of falls;
  • Scale and disseminate activities at national and regional level, sharing best practices in service delivery, public intervention policies and business management, focusing on innovative practices and skills creation and taking into account previously identified gaps and barriers.